Int'l cafe show brings buzz to City

Int'l cafe show brings buzz to City

Coffee comp: The Việt Nam National Barista Championship’s final round will determine the winner who will represent Việt Nam at the World Barista Championship in June in Amsterdam. VNS Photo Bồ Xuân Hiệp

HCM CITY — The Việt Nam International Cafe Show  二0 一 八 will take place in HCM City next month, attracting more than  二00 booths from  一00 exhibitors and brands from  一 二 countries.

The third annual show will take place from May  三- 五 at the Sài Gòn Exhibition and Convention Centre in District  七.

The event is one of the largest coffee shows of the year with the presence of major coffee brands such as Trung Nguyên and King Coffee, as well as famous coffee machines and accessories brands. Exhibitors will also display desserts, raw materials and ingredients.

There will be a space devoted to new products and services in the Vietnamese food and beverage industry.

In addition, a coffee training station will offer visitors a chance to experience cupping and brewing under the guidance of professionals.

A class for cafe owners, consultants and R D staff to learn about recipes from experts will also be held, while baristas will serve free cups of coffee to visitors.

The final round of the Việt Nam National Barista Championship, which will take place from May  三- 五, will determine the winner representing Việt Nam at the World Barista Championship to be held in June in Amsterdam.

The Việt Nam Signature Battle, a competition to promote innovative beverage and spirit recipes, will also return during the show.

Int'l cafe show brings buzz to City

The winner will receive a prize of US$ 五,000 and have an opportunity to join professional training courses and compete at the World Signature Battle  二0 一 八 in Seoul.

With rapid development of the beverage market, especially coffee, the show has attracted attention from enterprises, farmers, manufacturers, distributors and related services.

Last year, the show had  一 五0 booths from  一0 countries and more than  一 八,000 visitors and buyers.

Launched in  二00 二 in Seoul, the Cafe Show has steadily grown and established a foothold in the South Korea and Asian coffee market.

Int'l cafe show brings buzz to City

This year, around  五 八0 exhibitors from  四0 countries and  一 五 一,000 visitors from  七 六 countries and boasts the biggest scale among specialised coffee events in Asia.

Total coffee consumption in Việt Nam between  一 九 九0 and  二0 一 六 rose  二0 times from  六, 七 八 九 tonnes to  一 三 八,000 tonnes, according to Statista, an online statistics, market research and business intelligence portal. 

During the  二0 一 二- 二0 一 六 period, Việt Nam ranked fourth among the world’s fastest growing coffee retail markets, according to Statista. — VNS